Visitation Status: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.

COVID-19 Updates for Families

Welcome to

Valley View Villa

We are dedicated to providing a compassionate and caring community. Our long-term care professionals share a common goal of continually striving for excellence in all aspects of care for our residents.  

Latest News

Trick-or-Treat October 27

On October 27, the Villa will be handing out goodies to Trick-or-Treaters! Bring your little Princesses and Pumpkins and Mummies and Monsters in for a treat. Please register by signing the Registration sheet in the Main Entrance or on the...

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Visitation Updates

NO appointment needed to visit. Visiting hours 7AM - 7PM, 7 days a week Visitors use the Self Check-in at the Main Entrance.  Follow the directions inside to sanitize, put on a new mask, sign in, press the large red button to enter. Residents may...

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Angels of Light 2022

Join us in celebrating Christmas this year by helping us light up our Tree dedicated to Love. Our Dedication Christmas Tree is lit to commemorate our deceased loved ones or to honour those still in our lives. The honourees do not have to be...

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Attention Visitors

If you are experiencing any Flu/Cold related symptoms or if your are COVID+ please DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING.

We are trying our best to give the residents and staff in our building the best holidays.

Thank you for your understanding,
Valley View Villa Management

Our Values

In our pursuit of excellence, these values will put out residents FIRST.






Treating individuals with equality in a fair and consistent manner, all the while serving as advocates for their rights and cultural differences.
Making decisions based on sound, ethical principles, honoring our obligations and being accountable for our performance.
Respecting the individual’s right to make informed decisions, being mindful of their autonomy and spiritual wellbeing.

Delivering care in accordance to best practices and procedures that ensures safety and wellbeing to all individuals.

Being open and honest while fostering trustful relationships, and safeguarding the individual’s right to privacy.



Our Vision

The team at Valley View Villa will continue to work diligently to maintain its standing as a centre of excellence in providing long-term care and support for our residents, providing them with the personal attention and compassion their families expect.