Paid Services

Residents are responsible for fees charged for services or products not covered under the daily accommodation charge. 

  • Transportation charges, including cost of mode (ambulance, CHAD (Central Highlands Association for the Disabled) and accompaniment if applicable. Emergency situations may not allow time for preapproval with POA.
  • Ambulance charges (more info can be found at EHS by clicking here)
  • Prescription drugs not covered under the Pharmacare Program as well as the Co-Payment charges under this program
  • Certain non-prescription drugs not on the Pharmacare Formulary
  • Advanced Food Care is available upon request
  • Beauty salon services (add link to salon prices)
  • Telephone service
  • Dental services including dentures, hearing aids, hearing aid batteries and hearing tests, eye examinations and glasses.
  • Needed repairs and/or replacements of the above personal effects, for Residents who are no longer able to care for their personal effects when there is a potential risk for loss, misplaced and/or damaged personal items.
  • Assistive devices (e.g. Wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.) These items may be available through the Red Cross Program.
  • Personal care products not provided by the Home but preferred by the resident.
  • Any costs associated with the funeral of the resident is the responsibility of the resident or his/her estate.