Valley View Villa Resident Activities

The mission of the Recreation Department is dedicated to incorporating and maintaining a variety of leisure activities to provide a satisfying and fulfilling life for our residents. The programming aims to meet the emotional, spiritual, social, physical and intellectual needs of our residents.

Our major role is to enhance the resident’s past functional level and prevent any deterioration. We focus on enjoying quality life. Each resident is encouraged to participate in all programming.

Upon admission a comprehensive assessment is performed to ensure we meet their individual needs.

During the assessment we try to familiarize ourselves with as much information about their past and present lives. This will aid in their stay with us being a pleasant one.

All family members are encouraged to attend any programs with their loved one.

A hot cup of tea is available anytime through out the day.

We strive to provide something for everyone, including our residents families, for their enjoyment and entertainment.

The goal of the recreation department is to develop and foster the hobbies and pursuits of our residents to help provide them with an environment that fosters enjoyable leisure activities, solo or with friends or family here at Valley View Villa.

Examples of Resident Activities include:

  • Weekly Bingo Game
  • Trivia Games
  • Manicures
  • Morning Teas
  • Monthly Birthday Parties
  • Mobile Treat Cart
  • Reminiscent gatherings
  • Music & Movement Exercise
  • Weekly News Chats
  • Resident’s Council
  • Interpersonal Chats
  • Movies with Popcorn & Pop
  • Community Events
  • Mall
  • Bus Drives
  • Restaurant
  • Baking
  • Ice Cream Parties
  • Sing Songs
  • Craft Time
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Visiting Other Facilities
  • Theater
  • Bowling
  • Painting
  • Pre-School Visits
  • Card Games
  • and much more!

In addition to our regular recreation activities, we try and provide many special events for our residents. These fun events are designed to break up routine, and foster a sense of community in our residence. 

Examples of our special events include:

  • Annual Family Day
  • Holiday Events
  • Remembrance Day Outing
  • Seasonal Outdoor Events
  • BBQ’s
  • St. Patrick’s Pub Party
  • 90 + Club
  • Monthly Themes Teas
  • Seasonal Special Event
  • Angels of Light Dedication Ceremony
  • and much more!