Dear Families,

As many are aware, the province has released very exciting news to allow for outdoor visits. We are very pleased to learn of this announcement. Please be patient with us, as the guidelines for visitation were released the same day it was announced. We have a good sense of how this is going to look, we just need a few extra days to make it happen. We are hoping for late next week to go live with a few visits, once we establish the process and protocols we hope to increase the amount of visits.

Outlined below is a general overview as per Public Health:

  1. Visits occur outdoors only, in designated areas on the grounds of our facility.
  2. Visits will be monitored by staff who will accompany visitors directly to the identified visiting space who will provide personal protective equipment if necessary.
  3. A maximum of two visitors may attend at one time.
  4. All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 upon entry to the facility, must be asymptomatic, must wear a non-medical mask, and must maintain physical distancing of 2 meters. Once at the designated visiting area, if physical distancing can be adhered to the non medical mask can be removed to facilitate effective communication.
  5. Visitor information will be logged, including date and time of attendance to the facility.
  6. Visitors are not permitted to enter the facility or grounds if they are under a requirement to self-isolate ( due to travel, awaiting results of COVID-19 testing, contact with a COVID-19 case, or are currently ill with COVID-19, or for other reasons)

Stay tuned for further information. We are excited to have visitation restrictions lifted. We are working hard to make this a great experience for you and your loved one to reconnect, all the while ensuring the safety of everyone.


Marcus Stephenson