Dear Families & Friends;

Effective Thursday July 1st 2021:

For residents who are fully immunized against COVID-19:

  • Designated Caregivers are able to book indoor visits for family & friends to visit the resident in their room. These visits must be booked in advance and you will need to screen in at the main door prior to visiting residents. When visiting inside we are allowing 2 visitors at a time with 1 resident. Visiting hours are still 10-6.
  • Full community access is now permitted. Residents can only go into the community with their designated caregivers. This includes: stores, restaurants, etc. As per restrictions in the Public Health Order. (mask is to be worn at all times by DCG while in the car, also by resident if they can tolerate mask)

For residents who are partially immunized or not immunized against COVID-19:

  • Visits outdoors without physically distancing are now permitted. Residents are encouraged but not required to wear a mask and physically distance when possible.
  • Residents may now access outdoor public areas such as boardwalks & public parks with their designated caregivers. The resident must maintain physical distancing (except with their designated caregiver) and is not permitted to come in contact with others during the outing.

Please remember outside visits are still available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9-5. You can do this by calling 902-755-5780 ext 216. The limit of people allowed during an outside visit is 5 this includes 4 visitors & the resident.

Please note rules & regulations change daily. Thank you for understanding in these difficult times.

Take Care & Stay Safe

Valley View Villa, Management Team