Dear Families and Loved Ones,

We are pleased to inform everyone that our phased approach to opening the facility to Designated Caregivers has been successful. Once our package is reviewed by our pilot group and out of draft form, we will share with all Substitute Decision Makers (SDM). We are targeting for Tuesday September 29th. This package will outline our expectations and how to proceed with booking your orientation and visits. We look forward to this positive change.

We are also aware that starting Monday, September 28th, the province is deeming it safe for residents to leave the facility. Once again, we received this information the same time as the public. Our priority is to open the facility to Designated Care Givers and have this operating safely and smoothly. Once we have this in place, we will review the guidelines for offsite visits. We ask for everyone to remain patient on this matter, so we can do this properly and safely. Once our plan is in place, all families will be notified.


Marcus Stephenson