Dear Residents, Families, and Loved Ones,

Re: Restrictions

We are deeply saddened with the recent outbreak of the highly contagious Omicron strain of COVID19. I am sure you are all equally exhausted, fed up, scared and wish this would go away. However, it is not, and further restrictions are required to keep our residents safe. As announced today by Dr. Strang and Premier Houston, further restrictions include:

  • All residents can only have 2 consistent visitors (which include Designated Caregivers). Meaning these two visitors cannot change and must remain the same.
  • Residents are not allowed off site visits, unless it is for medical appointments. Sightseeing drives, with no stops, are allowed with either of the two assigned visitors.
  • Residents without their booster vaccine are not permitted to congregate in recreational activities, or hair salons.
  • Visiting hours will stay the same 9-5 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  • No visits will take place on Tuesday or Thursdays.
  • One visitor per double room at one time
  • Two visitors per single room at one time.

These will take place as off tomorrow Wednesday December 22nd 2021

If further restrictions are outlined in the Long‐Term Care Directive, we will communicate such changes.

These lockdowns are difficult on everyone’s mental health, especially our residents. I do ask that everyone remain kind and respectful with one another. Our care team will remain committed and compassionate and will be sure to make the most of a very difficult situation.

Take care, stay safe, and Happy Holidays.