Exciting news, proof of vaccination is no longer required for visitors and designated caregivers to enter our facility.

To enter the building you will to do the following:

  • Sanitize hands remove old mask.
  • Sanitize Hands put new mask on.
  • Sign in with name/date/ answer the screening questions
  • Press red button located on side wall to enter.

No limit to the number of visitors per resident at one time.

Mask must be worn in common areas.

Call nursing station 902-755-5780 ext 206 (1st floor) or 207 (2nd floor) for the following:

  • Taking resident out for an appointment
  • Overnight visits

When taking resident offsite make sure you sign out your resident at the nursing station.

To exit building just ask one of the staff the code for the main door.

Door will be open from 7:00AM to 7:00PM daily.

There will no longer be a phone at the front door.

Thank you for keeping our residents safe, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Valley View Villa Management