Dear Families and Loved Ones,

As we work through new rules and regulations regarding onsite and offsite visits, we want to stress the following to achieve the best visit possible.

  • All visits are to be booked Monday to Friday by calling 902‐755‐5780 ext. 216 or All booking must be made in advance. No exception to this rule.
  • Palliative care guidelines remain as before and are separate from any other visitation.
  • Outdoor visitation will cease Oct 31, 2020
  • Visitation hours will be continuing 1000‐1800 Monday to Sunday form 10AM‐6PM
  • Designated Caregiver visits will be limited to 50 minutes to allow for disinfection between visits. Exceptions can be made for residents in private rooms (please speak with a staff member).
  • Only 1 family member is permitted at a time (for now).
  • If the family is coming to assist with a meal, this must be mentioned when booking so the meal will be at the proper place at the proper time.
  • Designated Caregiver status does not mean you are a caregiver. For the safety of your loved one, please ensure that professional and trained staff provide the appropriate care. For most, this would only require emotional support, aid in communication, and feeding.
  • Visitors must arrive at the proper time. Early entrance will not be permitted.
  • Community visits – family will arrive and park at the back entrance.
  • Masks are to be worn for the entire duration of the visit.
  • Offsite visits will be offered Monday to Saturday (no Sunday off site visits at this time)
  • Please be respectful of staff. All stakeholders are expected to treat one another with mutual respect while on Valley View Villa property. Employees have the right to not tolerate rude behavior. Such instances will be documented, followed up by management, and restrictions will be put in place.


Marcus Stephenson