Today is the last Day for Designated Caregivers to be vaccinated. Thank you all for participating in the vaccine rollout. We had an incredible turnout and our compliance rate with both residents and designated caregivers is greater than 95%. Again, this is a major layer of protection that will help reduce the severity of a potential COVID19 outbreak within the facility. We are looking to ease our restrictions, but this is completely dependent upon current epidemiology and public health restrictions.

As you are all aware, we are beginning to see spikes in our epidemiology provincially as well as locally. For these reasons we are going to take the following actions.

1) Close all visitations from April 24-26th . This will allow a short period of time to pass to see how our community is impacted with recent exposures at a provincial hockey tournament over April 16th‐19th here at our local wellness center and neighboring establishments.

2) On April 27th we will be opened to designated caregivers only. Due to our inability to socially distance, only one caregiver can visit at a time. This rule will be in place for 2 weeks, but will be assessed daily to either shorten or extend this restriction.

3) Medical appointments are still allowed. But we must stress that no person is to stop along the way. You are to only drive to and from your appointment. Full list of rules and a log sheet will be provided and signed off by all residents, or delegates, to ensure compliance.

4) Any person from the Halifax area or live in a community that is restricted by Public Health must respect the provincial directives. You are not permitted to leave your community, especially to come to a long‐term care facility. If you arrive on our property, we will report to the appropriate authorities.

Our greatest measure of protection is through limiting community spread. You, along with most of Nova Scotia, has been nothing but exceptional. I have full confidence you and your loved ones will do the right thing by limiting your social gathering and travel in order to curb the spread of this deadly virus within our province. Once we get ourselves on track, we will reevaluate the situation and assess from there.


Marcus Stephenson